About Us

Who Are We?

A community service founded in 2013 to grow the quality and quantity of Live Music in Georgetown, Ontario … www.GeorgetownMusictown.com

What Do We Do?

Serve Georgetown’s listening audience by making it easy to identify Live Music events taking place, and by offering services in support of Live Music to venues and organizers.

How Do We Do It?

We forge relationships with Live Music organizers, venues and musicians. From these we acquire timely event information. We then make that information available through this website’s blog posts and “Calendar of Events”, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, regular event summary Emails (to be added to our weekly email list, send a request to gtmtadmin@GeorgetownMusictown.com), and posters hung in Downtown Georgetown.

The result? Those looking for Live Music are presented with a simple and comprehensive source for information in the format which is convenient for them.

Additionally, we strive to give venues and organizers responsive direction and assistance that is suited to their needs.

What Specifically Can We Do For Venues and Organizers?

  • promote their Live Music events through the means listed above
  • offer direction by recommending Live Music genres and events that we believe suit their venue or organization and the current local Live Music market
  • connect them with suitable Musicians (we schedule 4 performances per week at Downtown Georgetown’s newly opened “Uncorked on Main” alone!)
  • source, set up and occasionally rent discounted professional grade Live Music equipment
  • connect them with specialists to help them succeed

Why Do We Do It?

To give back! We are locals, and we want to help the community, and help grow the local Live Music footprint.

Georgetown is a rapidly growing community with an increasing need for entertainment options. By making it easy for the listening audience to find Live Music right at home, our hope is that we will:

  • help them make informed listening choices from more and better offerings (without trekking to Toronto!)
  • help venues and organizers grow their successes from Live Music, leading to more offerings
  • help musicians by creating more and better playing opportunities

The Glen

Glen Williams is a significant centre for The Arts and a real gem JUST north of Georgetown. The small town Norman Rockwell feel that pervades “The Glen” is carefully preserved by its long time residents.

  • The recently renovated Copper Kettle Pub (under new management) is committed to offering Live Music
  • The Williams Mills is a complex where local artists and artisans share their work with the public
  • the recently opened upscale pub The Glen Tavern serves the town’s unique ambiance
  • the historic Town Hall and Glen Williams Park are well established homes for occasional Live Music entertainment
  • the sprawling Beaumont Mill antique shop, charming Reeve and Clark bookstore and wonderful Glen Oven bakery and café complete the picture of a town brimming with culture and heart.


If you or someone you know may like to get involved, we can chat and see if it is a fit. It’s a fun way to make a difference in the community. Email me at gtmtadmin@GeorgetownMusictown.com or call Al at 905-877-0714.

Georgetown Musictown: Your Source for Live Music in Georgetown, Ontario