UPDATE – The Brickhouse Trio, Jazz, Uncorked on Main, Friday, October 30 at 9 pm

The Brickhouse Trio is a Jazz group focused on Jazz Standards, Sambas and Jazz arrangements of Popular music.Brickhouse Trio

Paul Llew-Williams (Guitarist) and Greg Alworth (Drummer) have been playing together for years. Paul has taught music for 25 years in the Peel region and has a degree in Music. Greg studied Music at York University before transitioning to a career in IT.

Devin Patten (Bassist) is a composer and arranger. He has performed with The Cat Bernardi Quartet, The Grace San Andres Quintet, Imaaji, AHI, The Colour Zero, Afterthought, The Jazz Connection Big Band and leads two of his own groups, The Man-Eating Anteaters and Triptych performing his original music.

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