Kim & Frank Koren, Rock/Americana/Blues, St. George Pub, Saturday, October 17 at 9:30 pm

An independent singer-songwriter from the small town of Dundas, Kim Koren’s music is a cross between Emmylou Harris and Sheryl Crow. It’s one of those tales straight out of a storybook.
Born, bred and still living in a blink-and-you’ll miss-it small town, nestled in a valley below the Niagara Escarpment in rural Ontario, Canada, Kim draws from her roots to deliver an uncompromising musical melange from Alt-Country Rock to beautiful Ballads.

Kim has developed a unique style that blends her bucolic background with a big city musical edge. And the world is listening. Showcasing in New York City, London and Liverpool in the U.K., and performing gigs in diverse locales (including France, Slovenia and Croatia) this small town Canadian girl continues to make a big impact.

She is in great company, sharing the stage with husband Frank Koren,frank koren an accomplished sideman. Frank acquired his first guitar at 13, and before you could say ‘Heavy Metal’, he and two buddies were pleasing locals with the Rock classics of Rush, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and countless other seventies Rock icons … albeit without a featured vocalist.

Fast forward a few years, chops firmly in place, Frank turned pro and immediately hooked up with some of Hamilton’s Classic Rock outfits, including the iconic nine-piece R&B crew Ruben Kincade and Hard Rock Guns’N’Roses tribute Lies. This interspersed with cross-country tours with Alt Pop band All Good Children, charting on CFNY102.1 and 97.7 HITZ.

Equally at home with electric and acoustic guitars, Frank dials in his virtuosity in echoing styles as multifaceted as James Burton’s chicken-scratch Country picking, Cliff Gallop’s hot Rockabilly, Dave Gilmour’s ethereal Rock and Stevie Ray’s raw Blues power – all indelibly stamped with his own signature technique.

Live on stage, Frank keeps good company with an eclectic group of internationally acclaimed artists that include Kim Mitchell, Karla Crawford, 54-40, Teenage Head, Bad Company, Elton Lammie, Ronnie Milsap, Tom Wilson, Spirit of the West, Steve Earle and Country Joe McDonald. He’s also performed with legendary E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg and teen superstar Justin Beiber!

Arguably, it would seem that the only thing missing in Frank Koren’s fast paced life is a good night’s sleep.

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