David Lum and The Hazy Maidens, Folk Roots and Pop, Uncorked, Thursday, September 17 at 7 pm

 David Lum

Born and raised in Vancouver, David began his musical career as an instrumentalist for other artists and has developed into a gifted songwriter in his own right. Compassionate and spiritual, his intimate voice will draw you into his world, filled with tales of quiet desperation, longing and the triumph of the human spirit.

He also performs with Guelph’s The Hazy Maidens: Amy McCann, Julie McCann – they sound like kindred spirits; voices intertwined in harmony, instruments woven together in musicality and a fusion of energy & interconnection.  They are those friends each of us have had… the friend you had all your firsts with, the friend who knew you better than you knew yourself.  Their music is infused with their history & lifelong friendship. Once you hear their 3-part harmonies & lush sound, these are friends you’ll want to keep.hazy 2

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