Unless, Adult Alternative, Uncorked on Main, Wednesday, August 26 at 7 pm

Unless is a local band featuring Sheri Tenaglia, Peter Perko, Jessie Steinberg, Adam Farr and Mac Hunter.

unless3They are a genre-bending acoustic band that combines diverse influences, sounds and styles, taking listeners to places they’ve not yet been. Their simmering, bluesy energy is punctuated by exotic sounds that include worldbeat percussion and riveting vocals. Look for solid originals and some unique, unexpected takes on familiar songs.

Hypnotic, trancelike, straight out of the Bayou. Didgeridoo, whining harmonica, an ultra cool low tempo. Maybe you’ll conjure Mississipi in the middle of a dry spell. Because after all, their music suggests a sweltering summer night .. and good Lord willin’, maybe .. just maybe .. Wednesday, August 26 will be SWELTERING !! sssssssssss

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