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Georgetown Musictown offers live music listingsWebsite publicizes live performances for all local venues

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If you enjoy live music, Georgetown is the place to be. It’s happening with increasing regularity around town and now there is a website to let you know what’s going on. publicizes live performances for all venues such as the John Elliott Theatre, McGibbon Hotel, St. John’s United Church and The Shepherd’s Crook for touring and local performers and for larger groups including Globe Productions, Bach Chorale and the Celtic Fiddle Orchestra.

The website introduces performers through a mix of videos, bios, photos and links. Included is a customizable Calendar of Events for planning ahead. Condensed versions of the listings are made available on Facebook, Twitter and through a subscribeable weekly email digest (with over 500 current subscribers).

Georgetown Musictown also serves live music venues and organizers.

It recommends and schedules performers, sources and installs sound equipment, and promotes events online. Included in this work is scheduling a rotating roster of award-winning live acts five nights a week at downtown Georgetown’s recently opened wine and tapas bar, Uncorked on Main.

Georgetown Musictown (currently four volunteers strong and growing) is a community service formed in 2013 to grow the quality and quantity of live music offerings in town.

If you may be interested in helping, or if you wish to receive the weekly email, contact Al Robitaille at 905-877-0714.

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