Georgetown Musictown Open Mic, Shoeless Joe’s, Sundays at 8 pm

Georgetown Musictown Presents


SUNDAYS – An all-new venue, again! Each week a Feature Act begins at 8 with open mic following at 9 pm.

And WHAT a venue! Georgetown’s Shoeless Joe’s offers not just good eats and a large comfortable lounge, but also a beautiful sounding space. Plenty of room for musicians, their gear, their friends and family – and if we support it, maybe they’ll let us stick around 🙂

bose-l1-bigA great acoustic space deserves a great sound system, and host Joe Mancuso delivers – in spades! With two Bose L1 Compact systems, you can close the door on feedback and unclear sound, and open the door to a rich, clean, clear experience where what the musician hears is exactly what the audience hears and exactly what was intended.

Volume is deliberately set at a volume where patrons can converse comfortably with amigos, and distinctly hear the pristine sound of the performer at the same time. Somebody get me a marketing job at Bose … I am a convert!

So head on down and play some. If you get there soon before word spreads, maybe Joe will have time to allow you a few extra songs. It’s worth the drive to  ….  the outskirts of Norval 😉

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