Students Create CD Supporting Muscular Dystrophy

Silver Creek Public School duo create a CD

to support Muscular Dystrophy

Silver Creek Public School students Ethen Edwards and Blaine Abel have created a four-song CD to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy while also raising school spirit. The music compilation is especially poignant for Ethen because he lives with the disease. 

The two students formed The Ford Fairlanes last year after Ethen, Grade 6, walked in on Blaine, in Grade 7, practicing guitar in the school kitchen and informed him that he could sing. They performed together on the spot and an instant connection was made and a friendship quickly developed.

Since creating their CD at a Toronto-area professional studio, they have sold more than 300 copies, raising several thousand dollars. The songs include Blue Christmas, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Mad World and Evil Ways.

The inner sleeve of the CD states: “This four-song CD reflects the beautiful sound two 12 year olds created by combining their obvious natural ability with a real commitment to practice.”

Ethen said it “felt really good making the CD and putting it out to the world.” He hopes he can inspire others to act.

“I want other people who have MD to be happy,” Ethen said.

Blaine said he’s honoured to be raising money for MD, with main symptoms including progressive muscle wasting, weakness, and loss of function.

“It feels amazing,” he said. “It feels really good supporting those with Muscular Dystrophy.”

The duo is currently working on creating original music.

Silver Creek Educational Assistant Bart Manierka helped Ethen and Blaine with their CD. He said they connected very quickly. In fact, they built such a chemistry they played for a group of Norwegian delegates visiting the school last year and eventually performed in front of the school.

The objective to raise funds for MD is very admirable, Manierka said, and participating in the initiative has raised their confidence.

“I think it’s been fantastic,” he said. “This turned out to be an ideal situation. Now Ethen, for example, is known as a singer. They’ve learned that if they put effort into something, they will improve upon it, and they have broadened their relationships with other students in the school.”

For information on how to obtain a copy of Tonight, The Ford Fairlanes, send an e-mail to Bart Manierka at

MD Canada spokesperson Kevin Harrison said the students’ CD is a “great story. We’re delighted to work with Ethen and Blaine. It’s been a great team-building experience for them.”

The students were recently featured on Global News’ Making A Difference segment.

PHOTO CAPTION: Silver Creek PS students Ethen Edwards, left, and Blaine Abel have created a CD to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy

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