Highly Recommended – Frog & Henry, Prewar Jugband, Uncorked on Main, Friday, July 3 at 9 pm

Frog & Henry is a two-man-one-man-band, playing prewar and original music from around the world, on up to a dozen or more instruments. These instruments include a foot-operated upright bass – called a “fotdella” – and a foot-controlled tuba of their own invention – called “The Tuba Machine.”
Yes, a “two-man-one-man-band” is technically just… a band with two people in it… except that Frog & Henry play as many as 6 different instruments simultaneously, creating the illusion of a much larger ensemble. Each year’s performances feature new inventions, usually in the form of new foot-operated contraptions. This year’s contributions being the “guitar-machine” and Belgian-made “foot-bass accordion,” their repertoire also changes and expands to include music from different countries and cultures, so that each audience can expect a unique performance.
Frog & Henry’s music is rooted in the earliest recorded jazz, country blues, stringband, and jugband music of the 1920’s and 30’s; and after touring three continents, they’ve also incorporated traditional Scottish fiddling, Cuban, Calypso, and Eastern European traditions.
Several of their albums, recorded on early analogue recording technology, are available for purchase or for download through their website: http://www.frogandhenry.com/

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