RIVERFEST feat. “Mountain and The Wood”, Folk, Willow Park Ecology Centre, Sunday, June 21 from 11 am to 4 pm


Corner of Winston Churchill Blvd & Hwy 7

Experience Your  Environment! Listen to Musicians! Watch Artists at Work!

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Riverfest-Norval is a collaboration of Norval Community Groups :

Norval Community Association and Willow Park Ecology Centre 

Music will be heard all through the afternoon in Willow Park Ecology Centre.

Artists will be creating on site at various locations throughout the day. Some favourite artists and groups will be featured in the outdoor artists show and sale. Parents and children will even get a chance to try their hand at making their own creations at “Creativity Spots”.

The Outdoor Market will host vendors and community groups offering new ideas, products and services related to community, water, environmentally friendly practices, and sustainable living. Those interested are encouraged to register early to secure a table.

Contact: Carolyn Martin at carolyn@riverfest-norval.ca or 905-877-2579
This event is a fundraiser for programs and events at Willow Park Ecology Centre..

The festivities in WPEC start at 11 am and will include a day-long scavenger hunt, kids’ instrument and drum-making, wooden animal painting for our fences, clay turtle painting, and painting and decorating of the little wooden paddlers. At 1 pm, the youngsters will have opportunity to join the monthly drum circle and play the drums and shakers they made in the morning.

The day concludes in Willow Park by the river with the Children’s favourite “Paddle to the Sea” race, where everyone gets a chance to race their boats and win a prize.

The featured musical act will be Mountain and The Woodmountain and2 a local duo that create a raw, “real feeling” sound. Vocals bordering on haunting balanced by soothing violin and peaceful guitar.

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