Highly Recommended – Annie Sumi and David Dino White, Indie Acoustic, Uncorked on Main, Saturday, May 16 at 8 pm

David Dino White and Annie Sumi will be singing their hearts out for the heart of Georgetown! Come take in their solo material and stay late for some duets that will harmonize holes right through your socks.

Annie Sumi

“The three things that will always be true to me are music, nature and love.” – a young, free-spirited folk artist who enjoys spreading love to the hearts of her listeners.


David Dino White – Experimental Indie Rock

Born and raised in North Bay, Ontario, David’s ability to harness his guitar’s full potential as a trans-genre instrument is what defines his unique and haunting style. As melodic as it is unpredictable, his inspirations run the gamut from Metal to Folk to Flamenco and back again. A pioneer of his own true style, David has been developing his craft through years of playing in bands (most recently with CBC Searchlight Regional Champion Cole Fournier) and working as a multi-instrumentalist on various other local projects, both in and out of the studio. David recorded his first full length album with Juno Nominated producer Ben Leggett this past fall. To pre-order your own copy of the album please visit www.daviddinowhite.com.

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