Drum Circle, Earth Day Celebration, Willow Park Ecology Centre, Saturday, April 25 at 1pm, $5

On Saturday, April 25 come out to Willow Park Ecology Centre (WPEC) in Norval (parking off Mary St.) anytime between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to enjoy the outdoors while experiencing hands-on learning about the local ecology and wildlife.

At 1 p.m. the season’s first monthly healing drum circle Drum-Circle-950-2will be led by Anthony Barr of the Sacred Sevens Sharing Circle. This area along the confluents of the Credit River and Silvercreek was well respected by the First Nations People. Join into the rhythmic drumbeating to experience the sound that connects us to Mother Earth. Bring your drums and shakers, or make some before 1 p.m. in the Park’s open air pavilion. Children are encouraged to participate.

While exploring and helping out the Ecology Park, you will find out how to enhance your local natural environment through the Park’s restoration success stories! Adults, families and students are invited to join the core park stewardship group and other volunteers in “preparing” areas for the new growing season. Register at www.willowparkecology.ca/registration to join in spring, wildlife habitat and gardens projects.

This year WPEC is also running Special Crafts throughout the day for the children. Cost: $5 per participant or $15 per family (of 4) to help with cost recovery.

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