Jimmy Pearson, Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist, Copper Kettle Pub, Sunday, Oct 8, 3-7 pm

It must be humble, sincere, crunchy and organic if it’s a song by Toronto Based Folk/Rock artist Jimmy Pearson. As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jimmy strives to connect to thoughtful audiences with songs that embrace the pathetic and awkward facets of life.

Jimmy Pearson is a bona fide artist who crosses over several genres to reach the end goal – a connection with listeners – through expressive vocals, literary and thoughtful lyrics and a sound that is up-front and personal – in other words, Jimmy is real – Indie Spoonful

Watching Jimmy play is kind of like watching open heart surgery; it’s personal, complex, he keeps the rhythm going no matter what, and you can’t look away. With his voice, carefully crafted songs, guitar, and two kick pedals under his feet he left the audience with the feeling that there’s more going on than meets the eye. – Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

Jimmy has a talent for songwriting, as well as performing those songs. It’s this type of album that always gets me, as it shows the talent behind the artist when they can write songs that appeal to many genres, and this is the case for “Good Friends”. – Canadian Beats

Kev Morse Duo, Singer Songwriter, Copper Kettle Pub, Sunday, Oct 15, 4-8 pm

Kev Morse writes from experience, sings from the heart and plays the guitar like it was meant for him to play. An evening spent listening to Kev play his guitar and sing his songs is like an evening spent with an old friend. His songs reach out, grab you, they hold on tight and they stay with you.kev m

Check out the outstanding “Happy Ever After” at the :45 mark here.

Take in Kev performing tracks from his “In The Blood” CD.

Robert Maciag, Fingerstyle + Vocals, Uncorked on Main, Thursday, Oct 26 at 7 pm

Robert Maciag is a talented and creative individual. With over 
25 years of experience in the music industry, Robert has sung on numerous 
albums and jingles, done commercial voice-overs and produced his own song demos.

robert maciagHis most successful radio jingle “People Come First At IGA” aired on 
radio for over six years. Two seasons as a background vocalist on “The 
Ronnie Prophet Show” CFTO- TV not only broadened his scope of experience (
working with such artists as Chet Atkins, Don Everly, Brenda Lee, George 
Jones and countless others) but additionally introduced him, to some of this 
country’s finest studio musicians, many of whom he has worked with and been 
influenced by over the years.

His live performances are punctuated by a casual conversational manner, dry sense of humour and solid fingerstyle guitar. He has successfully released three singles for airplay 
which have led to a string of appearances as guest artist on a variety of TV shows, from Edmonton to Toronto to Nashville.

Recommended – Nolan Hubbard, Mellow Acoustic Pop, Uncorked on Main, Thursday, Sept 21 at 7 pm

Hailing from the small Canadian town of Gananoque, Nolan Hubbard is making a name for himself as a singer/songwriter.
He started playing guitar at the age of 11, learning mostly Classic Rock and Metal. Eventually he started developing a different taste in music, and a new playing style that catered itself to the acoustic guitar.
Nolan’s singing career began in theatre as he secured one of the lead roles in his high school’s Musical Theatre productions. There was always a passion for music and art in Nolan’s life, but when he first started strumming along and singing his favourite songs he knew he had found his calling.
Currently he is travelling between Toronto and Nashville working on a debut full length album. Nolan’s warm finger picking/slap style guitar playing, accompanied by a soothingly soft and melodic voice, create a unique but current sound that caters to crowds of all ages and social groups. Drawing from a large pool of different genres his sound has been described as feel-good Acoustic Pop with influences from Jazz, Funk, Soul, Folk and Reggae. His songs have a healthy mix of upbeat tempos tha