The Real Robbie Burns (Featuring The Celts), John Elliott Theatre, Saturday, Jan 27 at 8 pm, $30

The Real Robbie Burns featuring The Celts

This show explores the life & times of Scotland’s most famous son, Robert Burns, through song, stories, narration & dance. Performed against a backdrop of over 300 photographs of Scotland, this show is funny, musical, fascinating, entertaining & at times, irreverent.

Producer Eugene Rea says he’s surprised as no one has not yet made a movie of Burns’ life. Better known as Scotland’s bard, he was a truly fascinating and even controversial character. While his memory has been mainly confined to once a year Burns’ Suppers, few of the attendees really know much about the man, let alone understand the few pieces of his work that get an airing on these occasions.

Celtic music supergroup The Celts consist of some of the best known and most sought after musicians in their genre Their shows are true multimedia productions. Drawing heavily on the back-story, they entertain and amuse the audience as they delve into the true stories and anecdotes of the subject, celebrating his birthday, his life, songs, and all things Scottish.

Jimmy Pearson, Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist, Uncorked on Main, Thursday, Jan 25 at 7 pm

It must be humble, sincere, crunchy and organic if it’s a song by Toronto Based Folk/Rock artist Jimmy Pearson. As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jimmy strives to connect to thoughtful audiences with songs that embrace the pathetic and awkward facets of life.

Jimmy Pearson is a bona fide artist who crosses over several genres to reach the end goal – a connection with listeners – through expressive vocals, literary and thoughtful lyrics and a sound that is up-front and personal – in other words, Jimmy is real – Indie Spoonful

Watching Jimmy play is kind of like watching open heart surgery; it’s personal, complex, he keeps the rhythm going no matter what, and you can’t look away. With his voice, carefully crafted songs, guitar, and two kick pedals under his feet he left the audience with the feeling that there’s more going on than meets the eye. – Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

Jimmy has a talent for songwriting, as well as performing those songs. It’s this type of album that always gets me, as it shows the talent behind the artist when they can write songs that appeal to many genres, and this is the case for “Good Friends”. – Canadian Beats

Recommended – Billy Joel & The Piano Men (Tribute), John Elliott Theatre, Sunday, Jan 21 at 3 pm, $39

“Billy Joel and The Piano Men” celebrates the greatest piano artists of all time including Billy Joel, Elton John, Burton Cummings, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nat King Cole, Liberace, Fats Domino, Floyd Cramer and more.

Starring the amazing Bruce Tournay on piano and vocals, this unique show combines fantastic live performances with costumes, humour and interesting stories relating to the music and artists being performed. Backed by the fabulous Memphis Cats Band, you’ll hear Bruce sing many of your favourite classics including “Piano Man” “Crocodile Rock” “Great Balls of Fire” “My Own Way To Rock” and “Blueberry Hill” and many other timeless tunes.