Georgetown Choral Society, Recruiting Members, Monday Evenings, 7:30 pm at Christian Reformed Church


The Georgetown Choral Society is currently recruiting new members for the Fall 2014 session. No special talents are required. Just a love of singing and a willingness to put in the rehearsal time. Acceptance is subject to an audition with the Artistic Director.

Under the direction of A. Dale Wood, the Choir has approximately 100 members, and performs at a level normally associated with professional groups.  The choir performs a mixed genre of musical works and has performed at venues such as Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. We have also performed in Holland,  England and Ireland.

We perform two major concerts per year, usually repeated on two consecutive evenings. We also participate every year in Remembrance services in November as well as perform in benefit concerts.

Come and get a first-hand experience of being part of the choir by attending a rehearsal, held in the Christian Reformed Church at 11611 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown, every Monday evening at 7:30 pm. If you are interested contact Laurent Thibault (905-877-7795) or Alyson Arsenault (519-856-0016).

Matt Powell, Jazz Keyboard and Vocals, The Bistro at Silvercreek, Saturday, August 30 at 8 pm

matt powellMatt Powell is a solid Jazz keyboardist who has only begun to realize his vocal abilities. Perhaps it’s because of his point of reference. His sister is an accomplished Jazz vocalist!

And aren’t we lucky … guess who is in town this weekend .. ?Come check out the musical chemistry only attainable by siblings. Will they slip out of Jazz mode and share some Beatle memories … ?

The Hunter Family, Gentle Folk, The Copper Kettle, Sunday, August 31 at 2 pm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe birds kiss the butterflies when The Hunter Family perform. It’s just that simple.

Wendi Hunter plays a smooth banjo and is a lovely guitar fingerpicker, with a singing vibrato gifted her from somewhere beyond. Husband Hugh sets a steady beat with banjos he hand crafts in his luthier shop. And son Mac is an accomplished bass player, solid music man and PA guru.

Makes for an interesting combination that lets you catch your breath and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Jim Broughton, Folk and Comedy, The Copper Kettle, Saturday, August 30 at 2 pm

guitarSome know him as “Mr. Broughton the History teacher”, some as an actor, or a singer, church volunteer, Jimbo, folkie, father of Adam James (an excellent crooner), husband of Cheryl Broughton, emcee, fingerpicker, athlete, comedian .. even at that, I’m sure I am forgetting half of all the things that make Jim special.

Go to The Copper Kettle Saturday and you can fill in your own blanks – this is a Fun Guy!


Nonie and Eugene, Folk and Traditional, The Shepherd’s Crook, Friday, August 29 at 8 pm

From Nonie Crete’s website …

“Nonie is a musical and storytelling force to be reckoned with. From headynonie blues, Irish balladry, to Cajun and French Canadian hues, Nonie seamlessly traverses genre with an execution only matched by her uncanny ability to explore equally diverse lyrical themes. Whether upbeat, sorrowful, poignant or whimsical, Nonie’s songs reach into the landscape of the heart – family, community, memory, discovery, love and loss – woven together by her stunningly beautiful voice.”

4PLAY, Top 40, The McGibbon Hotel, Friday and Saturday, August 29/30 @ 9:30 pm

Formed in 2010, 4Play have steadily built themselves a following all over Southern Ontario through hard work and an abundance of passion. At its core, 4Play is a blistering mass of driving riffs, energetic drums, technically diverse bass lines and captivating vocals, perfect for large venues with the amazing ability to be intense and musical at a lower volume for smaller venues. Covering everything from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder, to Foo Fighters and Sublime, 4Play is bound to give you a taste of what you’re craving!