David Cavan Fraser – Stewart Family Benefit (Firefighter Server Night), The New Kelsey’s, Wednesday, November 19 from 4 pm – Midnight

kelsey ffighter

David Cavan Fraser photo

David Cavan Fraser’s Story

David Cavan Fraser is a young professional artist that has been performing full-time around Ontario, Canada since 2007. His fun and energetic show consists of a combination of music, audience participation and comedy that leaves a lasting impression with the audience.

With over 1400 paid performances on his resume, David has begun to master the art of entertaining a crowd. David is not a musician playing music in the background, but rather a powerful entertainer who commands the audience’s attention and creates moments that will be remembered for a life-time.

David’s song writing is honest and straight-forward and his songs connect with people in such a way to make them laugh, cry and think about their lives in new ways.

In addition to an enormous repertoire of music from age-old Celtic Music all the way to 50s, 60s, 70s music up to today David has independently released 4 Studio Albums and 1 Live Album of his original compositions. click on Albums to see what he’s released

The Return of Open Mic to The Copper Kettle, Saturday, November 22 at 8 pm

It has been too long since Brenda has held an open mic at The Kettle. Joe Mancuso (where have I heard that name before .. ?) is gonna fix that up.


With a little help from Phil Lewin, we look forward to Host Joe bringing back the tradition. It may take some time for the event to return to former glory, so all support is greatly appreciated…tune up ladies and gentlemen!


The Copper Kettle announces Joe Mancuso as Regular Sunday Performer

DCIM100GOPROIt’s official! Glen Williams loves Joe’s Blues.

Joe Mancuso has been bringing The Blues to The Copper Kettle and now it’s official … he becomes their regular Sunday afternoon performer, from 2-4 pm.

Look for a high energy performance, with lots of slide. Also, some familiar rock and blues classics that make you think … “Man, it’s nice to have some local Blues”.

Right here in Georgetown’s largest suburb, Glen Williams. Enjoy the short commute 😉

Recommended – Georgetown Santa Claus Parade, with music by Halton Hills Concert Band and Globe Productions among others!, Saturday, November 15 from 5-7 pm on Guelph Street

santa paradeThe Georgetown Lions Club organizes this Night Parade on Guelph Street.

Bundle up, because everybody is invited!

Watch for the Halton Hills Concert Band float and enjoy some lively Christmas music.

Also: One of America’s Premier Stage and Street
Performance Units, Prime Time Brass of Rochester, New York, chosen as last year’s Best Band for the parade.


Recommended – Bill (Matt) Sykes and Mike Downes, Acoustic Rock Duo, The Bistro at Silvercreek, Friday, November 14 at 8 pm

mike downesbill syskes

Bill Sykes and Mike Downes play this Friday at 8 pm.

Bill and Mike are fixtures at The St. George as vocalists and guitarists in The Almost Cool Band, hosts of the St. George Thursday Night Open Jam.

They packed The Bistro the last time they played and pulled a Springsteen, playing 4 hours consecutively to establish a Bistro record that stands today. If you have a song request, don’t hesitate … but remember to respect the blisters.

Recommended – Ben Agro, Tribute Artist to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, The Bistro at Silvercreek, Saturday, November 15 at 8 pm

ben agroBen Agro sounds more like Dean Martin than Dean Martin. And his Frank is none too shabby. The Bistro is on a roll baby, having had Monty Greig (an excellent Sinatra style artist) also perform recently.

Enjoy crooners? Head over Saturday night for a good listen and a good smoke. If you grew up with sounds of Dino wafting through the house, savour the nuance in Ben’s delivery … subtle and bang on. Now exhale.

The Beat Heathens, Classic Rock, The St. George, Saturday, November 15 at 9:30 pm

Saturday, November 15 sees The St. George with The Beat Heathens, a band that has been playing together for nearly 15 years,  the brainchild of former MuchMusic VJ Dan Gallagher and former Coney Hatch bass player Andy Curran. Among the original members of the band was guitarist Mike Montgomery.

Although Dan has passed away, Mike continues the band to this day.  The result is a talented group that plays a wide variety of music that continues to win audiences over every night.

Veteran musicians capable of playing a huge variety of music from the sixties to the nineties and beyond.

Nonie and Eugene, Folk and Traditional, The Shepherd’s Crook, Friday, November 14 at 8 pm

From Nonie Crete’s website …

“Nonie is a musical and storytelling force to be reckoned with. From headynonie blues, Irish balladry, to Cajun and French Canadian hues, Nonie seamlessly traverses genre with an execution only matched by her uncanny ability to explore equally diverse lyrical themes. Whether upbeat, sorrowful, poignant or whimsical, Nonie’s songs reach into the landscape of the heart – family, community, memory, discovery, love and loss – woven together by her stunningly beautiful voice.”