Christmas Concert for CASHH, Various Performers, John Elliott Theatre, Sunday, Dec 17 at 2 pm, $25

The Christmas Concert for CASHH
Showtime 2PM December 17, 2017

A variety of talented professional performers who have ties to the Georgetown area perform to raise funds for this worthwhile charitable cause.

Performers include Bill Kent, Janine Kent, Brent Barkhouse, Paul Thompson, Steve Jones, Larry Melton, Neil Cotton and others…all in the spirit of Christmas (traditional, covers and originals).

Suitable for all ages. Tickets $25. John Elliott Theatre

Jimmy Pearson, Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist, Copper Kettle Pub, Sunday, Dec 17, 3-7 pm

It must be humble, sincere, crunchy and organic if it’s a song by Toronto Based Folk/Rock artist Jimmy Pearson. As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jimmy strives to connect to thoughtful audiences with songs that embrace the pathetic and awkward facets of life.

Jimmy Pearson is a bona fide artist who crosses over several genres to reach the end goal – a connection with listeners – through expressive vocals, literary and thoughtful lyrics and a sound that is up-front and personal – in other words, Jimmy is real – Indie Spoonful

Watching Jimmy play is kind of like watching open heart surgery; it’s personal, complex, he keeps the rhythm going no matter what, and you can’t look away. With his voice, carefully crafted songs, guitar, and two kick pedals under his feet he left the audience with the feeling that there’s more going on than meets the eye. – Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

Jimmy has a talent for songwriting, as well as performing those songs. It’s this type of album that always gets me, as it shows the talent behind the artist when they can write songs that appeal to many genres, and this is the case for “Good Friends”. – Canadian Beats