Recommended – The TONKAS, Blues Power Duo, Uncorked, Friday, January 16 at 8 pm

You have never witnessed a band like THE TONKAS!

Derek Downham is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/producer, who has written and played with Canada’s finest musicians.

Alec Fraser has produced almost 1000 records, and has played with such greats as Bo Diddley, Pinetop Perkins and Jeff Healey (who introduced Derek to Alec).

Together, they have a sound that belies their 2-piece status. A self-proclaimed “Power Duo”, their ambidexterity and stoic rhythms are truly the stars of the show.

Derek plays electric slide guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, tambourines, sings and captains various vocal effects. Alec plays “brushbass” which is a combination of upright bass and a snare drum, played with a brush in his pulling hand.

The result is an impressive display of blues-fueled majesty, unlike any other group. If you close your eyes, you would never assume it’s just 2 people performing everything LIVE.



Georgetown Musictown Open Mic, The Silvercreek Café, Friday Nights beginning January 16, 2015 at 7 pm

Due to the popularity of their Live Music weekends, effective immediately Uncorked on Main will be presenting paid acts on Thursday nights. It is an awesome reflection of the success of their new venture.
But … the end of open mic nights at Uncorked.

ONTO NEW BEGINNINGS: Georgetown Musictown Open Mic has found a new (old) home.

domDomenic, Marilyn and Jean at The Silvercreek Café are bringing our open mic back!
And …  it will be on Friday nights, a more active night at The Silvercreek Café than Thursdays.
The Silvercreek is no longer a bistro per se. Their menu is smaller. But they still serve pizza, chicken caesar salad, soups, cheese platter, etc. Plus the usual wine and beer, as well as exotic desserts and funky warm drinks!
Their Friday nights can be quite busy. Always fun to play to a decent sized crowd.
So a cool venue, and a little more intimate.
In the meantime, being more swamped than ever with Georgetown Musictown efforts, we have asked Joe Mancuso (“Joe’s Blues”) to host and schedule open mic.DCIM100GOPRO He has graciously agreed 🙂
To schedule your time to perform, Joe can be reached at (905) 702-8466, or by email at
Note that everything will begin a half hour earlier at The Silvercreek Cafe. As a result, the pre-scheduled Feature Acts will usually perform from 7:00 – 7:45 and the pre-scheduled Support Acts 8:00 – 8:30.
The truly “open” part of open mic will now take place from 8:30 pm and on … Come One, Come All!

Matt Powell and Domenic Bonaldo, Keyboards, Uncorked, Wednesday, January 14 at 7 pm

Matt Powell and The Silvercreek Cafe‘s Domenic Bonaldo bring a tasty cross-section of signature jazzy tunes, spiced with a smorgasbord of vocals and keyboard effects.

Matt Powell has a non-musical day job, but lives it up after hours playing and singing at the Silver Creek Cafe and Bistro, for local charities such as the Optimist Club and the Saturday Centre, at retirement homes during the holidays and really wherever he can get his hands on a piano.matt powell

Once, he took it upon himself to play the old grand piano in the middle of West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.  That night, his Beatles covers attracted all sorts of new and great friends, and led to his being invited to an awesome party in the Hollywood Hills.

Come check this guy out – wethinks you’ll like him.

domDomenic Bonaldo has earned The Silvercreek Café Music Director title with a background in professional music that originates in his teen years. A beloved entertainer with the ability to produce a big, clean sound.

4PLAY, Top 40, The McGibbon Hotel, Saturday, January 17 @ 9:30 pm

Formed in 2010, 4Play have steadily built themselves a following all over Southern Ontario through hard work and an abundance of passion.

At its core, 4Play is a blistering mass of driving riffs, energetic drums, technically diverse bass lines and captivating vocals, perfect for large venues with the amazing ability to be intense and musical at a lower volume for smaller venues.

Covering everything from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder, to Foo Fighters and Sublime, 4Play is bound to give you a taste of what you’re craving!

ENSEMBLE Kids!, Youth Musical Theatre, John Elliott Theatre, Sunday, January 11 at Noon, $22


ENSEMBLE Kids! is a series of programs designed to bring the world of musical theatre and improvisation to the youth of Halton Hills.

Ensemble Kids! recital is set to take place on Sunday, January 11th at 12pm at the John Elliot Theatre!  Selection of songs and themes that are fun for the whole family. Tickets are on sale now through the box office.  (905) 877-3700,