RebellJo Duo, Music Mix, Uncorked on Main, Saturday, Nov 10 at 8 pm

Joseph RebelloThe magic of live music events lies in thrilling the audience with ‘real’ live music. VERSATILITY IS OUR STRENGTH”– Joseph Rebello

Joseph Rebello (or ‘RebellJo) is a versatile vocalist, bass guitarist and music conservationist with a passion for saving authentic live music.  Exciting audiences with Reggae, Top Forty, Classic Rock, Funk, Dance Music & Oldies, there is nothing “programmed” about his approach.

Joseph grew up in Tanzania where he was deeply influenced by the widespread culture of clubs and live music. By the late 1970’s he was a self taught bass guitarist, vocalist and founder of popular band The Revolution. They performed at the prestigious Kilimanjaro Hotel for eight years.

Now known as the Njenje Band, the group continues to be one of Tanzania’s leading bands.

While in Tanzania Joseph often played with world renowned musicians such as Jazz maestro Sadao Watanabe, and Hendrix style guitarist Jimmy Mawi from Madagascar. Upon immigrating to Canada in 1989, Joseph formed Naked Flame, a popular group at music venues and events across Canada and the USA for over 10 years.

His latest avatar (RebellJo Band) pulls from a collection of over 14 local music artists. This multitalented group offers the diverse skill set which allows Joseph to truly customize his live music configuration for each event.

He enjoys producing “One Love” Bob Marley Tributes, St Patrick’s Day performances, Country Nights, East Coast Nights and Tropical Nights.

Various RebellJo configurations (Duo/Trio/Full Band) can be heard at: Fionn MacCool’s (multiple locations), Port Credit’s Roc’n Doc’s Live Music Grill, Georgetown’s Uncorked On Main and The St. George Pub, Burlington’s Gator Ted`s, The Busholme Inn in Erin, and various Legions, Moose Lodges, and Senior`s Dances (where the RebellJo versatility is put on full display through vintage Oldies music).

See upcoming events here.

After a long and personal battle with addiction and recovery, Joseph has been campaigning to raise awareness through his Project Twende Afrika Rebelljo. In December, 2014 he undertook a personal journey to Tanzania with his band to support Sober House, a rehabilitation center in his erstwhile hometown of Tanga. Joseph spoke to staff about their needs, helped create much needed awareness, and raised funds.

Joseph is driven to bring to reality his dream of producing a collaboration of African and North American artists, all in an effort to raise awareness and aid for this cause so close to his heart.

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