John Muirhead and Jesse Bydevaate/Braden Phelan, Singer/Songwriter Youth, Uncorked on Main, Wed July 22 at 7 pm

Uncorked on Main will be hosting a special split performance on Wednesday, July 22

Kicking off Georgetown Musictown‘s “Emerging Artist Program” Don Ablett has arranged two strong acts for the evening:

John Muirhead (from the video above) and Jesse Bydevaate will share the stage with Braden Phelan, one of the “Youth Discoveries” performing at this year’s Summerfolk Festival.

John was co-lead for last year’s successful Rock The Hills local youth music festival. The singer songwriter will be joined for this show by another committed songwriter in Acton’s Jesse Bydevaate.

Braden Phelan was at one point also an Acton resident and is a former member of Rockwood’s The Millers. His Bio:

Melting-Pot Rock, the likes of which even your crazy uncle Floyd couldn’t have cooked up. The result of a saucy night of passion between Tom Waits and The Band (Neil Young watched) – Braden Phelan’s music is a hearty and wholesome sonic stew. Phelan blends blues, roots, and old-school rock n’ roll to produce a fiercely creative and thoughtful brand of Canadiana. Currently meticulously recording an EP and compiling a band, he moves hips and provokes the locals faster than you can say “I thought rock was dead?”.summerfolk2015_logo_slide-5

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