St. George Pub Open Mic .. New Format! .. Hosted by Almost Cool, Thursdays beginning this week at 8 pm

Exciting News from Almost Cool and St. George Pub

For years, Almost Cool (6 member band) has hosted a late night open mic on Thursdays.  In the past they have kicked off around 9:30 pm with a band performance and followed up with open mic performers. open_mic2

Beginning this Thursday, they will be introducing prescheduled Feature Acts and Support Acts, performing before the band’s weekly appearance.  They intend to establish a 45 minute Feature Act at 8:00 and a 30 minute Support Act at 9:00 followed by the band.  Later in the evening, unscheduled open mic performers would be welcome to perform.  A full sound system complete with wireless mics, monitors (wireless, if you bring your own earphones) and DIs (even a lead guitar amp if required) is the norm.

This week’s Feature act is Darren Locke at 8 pm and the Support Act is Joe Mancuso (with Jeff Aul) at 9 pm.

The band can also offer backup to performers. Typically available are drums, bass, fiddle and guitar accompaniment in the configuration of the scheduled or unscheduled guest performer’s choosing. Band members are equipped with iPads and software allowing the option of looking up songs chosen by guests to aid with playing mic3

Tons of possibilities: play acoustic or electric; solo or with accompaniment; scheduled or unscheduled. Bit like a buffet! If you are experienced with performing live, contact Bill McBride for a scheduled performance slot. (416) 702-1496

If not experienced, try an unscheduled slot and see what all the fuss is about 🙂

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