Matt Powell, Jazz Keyboard and Vocals, The Helson Gallery, Saturday, March 14 around 1:30 pm

Matt Powell brings a tasty cross-section of signature jazzy tunes, spiced with a smorgasbord of vocals in the ambient sound chamber that is The Helson Gallery.

Matt has a non-musical day job, but lives it up after hours playing and singing for local charities such as the Optimist Club and the Saturday Centre, at retirement homes during the holidays and really wherever he can get his hands on a piano.

Once, he took it upon himself to play the old grand piano in the middle of West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont.  That night, his Beatles covers attracted all sorts of new and great friends, matt powelland led to his being invited to an awesome party in the Hollywood Hills.

Come check this guy out – wethinks you’ll like him.

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