Recommended – The TONKAS, Blues Power Duo, Uncorked, Friday, January 16 at 8 pm

You have never witnessed a band like THE TONKAS!

Derek Downham is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/producer, who has written and played with Canada’s finest musicians.

Alec Fraser has produced almost 1000 records, and has played with such greats as Bo Diddley, Pinetop Perkins and Jeff Healey (who introduced Derek to Alec).

Together, they have a sound that belies their 2-piece status. A self-proclaimed “Power Duo”, their ambidexterity and stoic rhythms are truly the stars of the show.

Derek plays electric slide guitar, bass drum, hi-hat, tambourines, sings and captains various vocal effects. Alec plays “brushbass” which is a combination of upright bass and a snare drum, played with a brush in his pulling hand.

The result is an impressive display of blues-fueled majesty, unlike any other group. If you close your eyes, you would never assume it’s just 2 people performing everything LIVE.



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