Recommended – Taylor Abrahamse and Bryn Scott-Grimes, Beatboxing Guitar Duo, Uncorked, Saturday, December 20 around about 7 or 8 pm

Taylor and Bryn took its sweet time to form, simmering towards perfection since 2010, when they met while pursuing their BA Music Degrees from York University. In 2014 it occured to them to solidify their musical energies in a tight, powerful duo. It is now clear that these boys are on a musical journey to make tasteful, elaborate and enduring pop music.

Despite their distinctly different songwriting styles, both are passionate about making songs the best they can be, and grew up being fascinated by all forms of music that resonate with pure imagination.

There is an uncanny similarity in the elements that comprise their sound – innovation, musicianship, and unforgettable melodies. Each song swirls with shades of anything from Jazz Standards, to 70’s Pop, to Hip Hop, and beyond – creating a sound that is tremendously refreshing – and yet, still accessible to any set of 21st Century ears.

Taylor & Bryn’s live shows are exciting, accessible, unpredictable, humorous, and uplifting–enough to garner the attention of reputable musical judges and label A&R representatives. Recently picked for 1st place in the Ontario-wide Landmark Events Showcase Competition out of hundreds of entrants, Taylor & Bryn are gearing up to release their first EP in 2015.

With 2 acoustic guitars, 20 harmonicas, beatboxing chops, and two voices of distinct blend at their disposal, Taylor & Bryn are poised for launch.

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