Dayfoot CD Release, Folk, The Shepherd’s Crook, Saturday, December 20 at 9:30 pm

Dayfoot to release self-titled album on Dec. 20

Local band, named after a street in Georgetown, will launch a CD at Shepherd’s Crook on Main St. S. in Georgetown this Saturday.

After a short hiatus from writing music, Doug Sinclair and his friend Keith Henderson decided to pick up their acoustic guitars and take a shot at writing folk music. After many months of writing and arranging songs the two had amassed a large repertoire of songs, and Sinclair sought out to find a band to help him make the songs a reality.

Long-time friend and drummer, Stephen Dayfoot was onboard to help fill out the rhythm section.  Shortly after, Matt Wittmann joined the group to play bass along with Danen Sloan on the guitar. Susannah McKenzie-Sutter later joined and provided the violin sound the band needed to achieve the soundscape the group was looking for.

One year after its inception, Dayfoot will be releasing their full-length debut self-titled album on Dec. 20 at the Shepherd’s Crook. The first 50 limited edition CD’s will each feature a unique photograph (photography and art work by Andrew Fasken) of local people, places, and things in Halton Hills. The limited edition CD’s will also come with a frame for fans to display the art work. Access to the CD release show is free, encouraging anyone who likes the album to purchase the CD for $15.

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