Special Night – Kev Morse plays “Open Mic” at The Bistro at Sivercreek, May 15

KevMorseHonored to have Kev Morse join us this Thursday, May 15 at 9 pm at The Bistro at Silvercreek. I was fortunate to catch a live performance recently and was quite impressed. Singer songwriter with occasional covers. Sophisticated pop acoustic sound. Music with a message, performed at a professional level.

Here is a sample of Kev’s work, both from his CD and from Live performance, during an “in the studio” session on Folk Roots Radio. For Kev’s Live sound, scan to the 39:00 mark.
Also … another Kev … Kevin Misner at 8 pm. He turned heads last time he played. Relaxed but powerful player. And Adam Farr is back! Nice to have his soulful harp to complete the night, 10 pm.

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